Dear Colleagues, We would like to inform that the process of collecting articles for the second issue of 2024 of "Katchar" scientific periodical of ISEC NAS RA has launched.










The scientific periodical "Katchar" is the official publication of the International Scientific-Educational Center (ISEC) of NAS RA.

It was created in 2014 on the basis of the journal “Collection of scientific articles”( Editor-in-Chief- Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor N. Hakobyan). The scientific periodical is included in the list of scientific collections approved by the Supreme Certifying Commission of the RA that is allowed to publish the main results and provisions of dissertations. The scientific periodical “Katchar” is published by the decision of the Scientific Council of ISEC NAS RA.

It is published twice a year and aims to promote the modernization and progress of the scientific and educational sphere of the Republic of Armenia. Publishing scientific and scientific-methodical articles, the periodical acquaints the scientific community with relevant ideas and research results, makes it possible to organize discussions and debates, develop new ideas and put them into practice.

Also the published articles can help address the challenges facing the various branches of science and education, highlight and comprehend the existing problems, as well as to study and introduce international experience. The scientific periodical is intended for those working in the sphere of science and education, as well as for anyone interested in the development of science and education. The headings of the Katchar cover articles on the problems of the natural, social and humanitarian sciences. Adhering to the principles of freedom of thought and freedom of speech, the editorial board of the publication reminds that the points of views presented in the articles and publications belong to the authors and may not coincide with the official position of the editorial board. Contents, summaries, keywords and phrases to the articles will be published on the Web page of the periodical.

Articles are published free of charge on the funds of ISEC NAS RA.