Dear Colleagues, We would like to inform that the process of collecting articles for the second issue of 2023 of "Katchar" scientific periodical of ISEC NAS RA has launched.







Information about the editorial board

Full name, degree  E-mail Telephone
Albert Sargsyan –  Doctor of  Physics and Mathematics, Professor  
Naira Hakobyan –  Doctor of  Psychology, Professor 060 623520 (303)
Narine Vardanyan-PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor
060 623599
Albert Kirakosyan- Correspondent Member of NAS RA, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor  
Manuk Harutyunyan - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor 010 568068
Karen Khachatryan-Doctor of History, Professor 010 581913
Hayk Petrosyan- Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor 060 623597
Vardan Devrikyan- Doctor of Philology, Professor
010 563254
Astghik Pеpoyan - Doctor of Biology, Professor  
Naira Ayvazyan – Doctor of Biology 010 272247
Ghazar Galoyan – PhD in Geological Sciences, Doctor of Sciences of the Universe (France) 091490709
Anna Maria Tammaro – PhD in Information Science (Italy)  (0039) 3497403306
Nicolo Merendino – PhD in Food Biotechnology (Italy)  
Giacomo Branca – PhD in Agricultural Policy (Italy)  
Samvel Jeshmaridian – Doctor of Psychology (USA) 212 220 1259
Ani Kalayjian – Doctor of Mental Health (USA) +1.201-941-2266
Haig Utidjian – PhD in Musicology (Czech Republic)  
Davit Pipoyan – Doctor of Food Science (Italy) 010 572924
Gohar Grigoryan- PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor 060 623600
Tigran Zargaryan- PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor 010 567589
Karen Sargsyan- PhD in Economics, Associate Professor  
Marianna Avetisyan – PhD in Psychological Sciences, Associate professor  
Anna Khachatryan PhD in Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor annakhachatryan@cba@am  096550775
Karine Avetisyan – PhD in Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor  
Hrachya Astsatryan- PhD in Technical Sciences  
Lilit Sahakyan – PhD in Geographical Sciences 010 572974
Lilit Ghazanchyan- PhD in Juridical Sciences 010 530571
Arusyak Harutyunyan – Researcher in Education 060 623598
Supplementary Members
Sergey Bagratyan - PhD in Economics 099878888
Arayik Grigoryan - PhD in Geological Sciences  
Hakob Tadevosyan - PHD of Pedagogy 077770443
Jozeph Panosyan - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor  
Asya Berberyan - Doctor of Psychology, Professor 093566272