Dear Colleagues, It is our pleasure to inform you that the scientific periodical “Kachar” of the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA, which is published twice a year, is accepted in the list of acceptable scientific periodicals from the Supreme Certifying Committee (RA SCC).







Information about the editorial board

Full name, degree  E-mail Telephone
Albert Sargsyan –  Doctor of  Physics and Mathematics, Professor 010 568068
Naira Hakobyan –  Doctor of  Psychology, Professor 060 623520 (303)
Narine Vardanyan-PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor
060 623599
Albert Kirakosyan- Correspondent Member of NAS RA, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor  
Manuk Harutyunyan - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor 010 568068
Karen Khachatryan-Doctor of History, Professor 010 581913
Hayk Petrosyan- Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor 060 623597
Vardan Devrikyan- Doctor of Philology, Professor
010 563254
Astghik Pеpoyan - Doctor of Biology, Professor  
Naira Ayvazyan – Doctor of Biology 010 272247
Ghazar Galoyan – PhD in Geological Sciences, Doctor of Sciences of the Universe (France) 091490709
Anna Maria Tammaro – PhD in Information Science (Italy)  (0039) 3497403306
Nicolo Merendino – PhD in Food Biotechnology (Italy)  
Giacomo Branca – PhD in Agricultural Policy (Italy)  
Samvel Jeshmaridian – Doctor of Psychology (USA) 212 220 1259
Ani Kalayjian – Doctor of Mental Health (USA) +1.201-941-2266
Haig Utidjian – PhD in Musicology (Czech Republic)  
Davit Pipoyan – Doctor of Food Science (Italy) 010 572924
Gohar Grigoryan- PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor 060 623600
Tigran Zargaryan- PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor 010 567589
Karen Sargsyan- PhD in Economics, Associate Professor  
Marianna Avetisyan – PhD in Psychological Sciences, Associate professor  
Anna Khachatryan PhD in Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor annakhachatryan@cba@am  096550775
Karine Avetisyan – PhD in Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor  
Hrachya Astsatryan- PhD in Technical Sciences  
Lilit Sahakyan – PhD in Geographical Sciences 010 572974
Lilit Ghazanchyan- PhD in Juridical Sciences 010 530571
Arusyak Harutyunyan – Researcher in Education 060 623598
Supplementary Members
Sergey Bagratyan - PhD in Economics 099878888
Arayik Grigoryan - PhD in Geological Sciences  
Hakob Tadevosyan - PHD of Pedagogy 077770443
Jozeph Panosyan - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor  
Mira Antonyan - PhD in Sociological Sciences 094379099
Asya Berberyan - Doctor of Psychology, Professor 093566272