Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to inform you that collection of articles of the first issue of the scientific periodical of the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA for 2023 has started.







Peer Review And The Publication Process

  • All the manuscripts, submitted for the publication, undergo reviewing and approved by the Edi­torial Council.
  • The manuscript undergoes initial review and verification for compliance to the topics of the pe­rio­dical and the formal requirements.
  • If the article does not comply with the subject-matter of the periodical, it is excluded from revision, and the author is notified about it.
  • The reviewer is assigned by the Editorial Board (internal review) or the manuscript is sub­mitted for evaluation to an independent expert (peer review).
  • The review process is anonymous both for the reviewer and author.
  • After reviewing the manuscript may be: Rejected, Returned to the author for revision. Accepted for publication.

The review includes:

  • Evaluation of the paper content and judgment on whether it is suitable for publication.
  • Enumeration of methodology and tools errors (if there are any).
  • Suggestions for the text improvement.

In case of an unfavorable verdict of the reviewer, the manuscript is discussed on the session of the Editorial Board, which makes a decision on rejecting of the article or the need for the further review by an independent expert.

  • The final decision on the manuscript publication and approval of the whole content of the article are adopted at the Editorial Board’s meeting.
  • The review and approval of manuscripts is from 1 to 1, 5 months, and then they are published in order.
  • The Editorial Board has a full right of making decision on an extraordinary publication of the article.
  • Making manuscript ready for the publication presupposes fine-tuning of the text by the Editorial Board accor­ding to the editorial standards adopted for the periodical.
  • Editorial changes are not co-ordinated with the author.
  • Articles are printed free.​

The manuscript is not returned to the author.